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Workflow automation of contact form submissions

The contact form provided by HelpSite sends a structured email to whatever email address you provide in your help site settings under Customize > Settings.

The most common case is people simply receiving these emails in their email inbox, or sending them to a help desk (e.g. Zendesk or Salesforce) inbox.

However it's also possible to enable more powerful and customized workflow automation. You can use a tool like Zapier to automatically trigger an action in thousands of possible web apps online anytime you receive a contact form submission through your help site. 

Some possible examples. When my contact form is filled out...

How to make it work

The trick is to making this work is to use a tool that can parse the contact form submission emails. Two tools do a great job at this: Zapier Parser or

These tools will provide you a unique email address. You would plug that email into your HelpSite settings (or setup an email forwarder from your email account.

From there, Zapier Parser or will allow you to setup automation actions. You can trigger any of the specific examples mentioned above, or many more.


To send contact form submissions to Slack, you don't need to use any 3rd party tool. Instead, see this article: Receive contact form entries in Slack

Custom HTTP Webhooks

You can use the functionality described above (using Zapier Parser or Mailparser) to trigger an HTTP webhook to any URL you'd like. However, we are considering building a direct "trigger a webhook" feature into HelpSite that doesn't rely on any 3rd party tool. If you're interested in that (would only be available for the Plus plan or higher), please get in touch.