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What is HelpSite?

HelpSite is a simple service to help you set up the perfect support center or knowledge base for your customers, employees, or partners.

Most websites need a help or support section for customers or users to go to when they have questions or problems. It needs to provide quick answers to common problems and questions, and it needs to provide an easy way for getting in touch with the business when they still have a problem.

Traditional help desk software offers functionality for building a support site. But to them it's one small item within a very long list of features, and certainly not their product's main focus, so they don't spend a lot of time perfecting it. Help desk software focuses much more on the ticket handling side of things.

HelpSite only exists to help you build the best possible help center for your users. You don't login to HelpSite to answer individual support emails or assign tickets to agents. We just focus on one specific part, and try to do that really well.

The part we focus on is giving you the most useful customer-facing support site possible.

We provide the easiest way for you to create a comprehensive set of helpful articles and answer frequently asked questions through our simple admin interface. You populate your knowledge base with answers to common questions and other helpful information.

Your articles & FAQs get turned into a responsive, SEO-friendly, and customer-friendly site that your users can turn to when they have issues. Even our free plan includes a custom domain option, so your knowledge base can live at

HelpSite gives you…

HelpSite works alongside any ticket management support software. Our contact form just sends an email, and you can use, Zendesk, Groove, etc. – or just respond to your users from Gmail or wherever you do email now.