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Customizing text in the template

Most of the predefined text messages in HelpSite can be easily changed using our Custom HTML/Layout feature. Here, you can see how to change the "Support Center" message:

However there are a few message strings that cannot be changed easily in that way yet, such as the contact form messages.

We plan on making it easier in the future to change these messages without involving code. However if you want to change these right now you can insert the following code below in your Layout template immediately before the </body> tag at the bottom.

// Placeholder text inside search box
$('input#search').attr('placeholder', 'YOUR_TEXT_HERE');

// Change breadcrumb from "Support" to something else
$('ul.breadcrumb li:first-child a').text('YOUR_TEXT_HERE')

{% if on_contact_page %}
  // Contact page customizations
  $('#content-container h1').text('YOUR_TEXT_HERE');
  $('label[for=ticket_subject]').html('<label for="ticket_subject">YOUR_TEXT_HERE<small class="text-muted">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</small>');
  $('#content-container [type=submit]').text('YOUR_TEXT_HERE');
  $('#contact-form-articles h4').html('YOUR_TEXT_HERE <small class="text-muted">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</small>');
{% endif %}

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