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How do I cancel my account?

What did we do wrong? If there's any way we could help make HelpSite a success for you, or any product feedback, we would really love to hear it. Please contact us here or by email at!

Cancel paid account

If you haven't entered your credit card, then you'll remain on our Free plan and there's no need to take any additional action if you would like to stop using HelpSite.

If your account is on a paid plan, then just login and head to Plan & Billing to cancel your paid account, by downgrading to the Free plan. Once you're on the free plan, no more charges will be accrued.

Deactivate your help site(s)

If you want to deactivate your knowledge base site in order to take it offline, we can help you do this! Just contact us with the URL of the site you'd like us to deactivate. (And if you've decided HelpSite isn't for you, we'd love to know why).

Permanently delete your site and all articles

Usually deactivating your site (see above) is a better option. However if you'd also like to permanently delete your knowledge base site and all of your article content, you can do so from the Manage Sites page. But note: This action cannot be undone! If there's any chance we can help you with a problem before you do this, please get in touch.

Delete your login user account

Finally, if you'd like to delete your own user account too, you can do so from the Personal Settings screen. Note: We only expose this option for accounts on the Free plan. This cannot be undone. We do not recommend ever deleting your account, however, even if you've decided to no longer use HelpSite. If there's any chance we can help you with a problem before you do this, please get in touch.

Unsubscribe from our email list

Our automated emails contain an "unsubscribe" button in the footer. Simply click it to be removed from our list.