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Asking for more data in the Contact Form

HelpSite does not currently allow you to add additional input fields to your contact form.

This is a feature we're considering building (for the Plus plan) – please get in touch if you're interested in it!

However there are 2 workarounds that may help already:

Option 1. Change the form labels and default placeholder to ask for additional data

Rather than just have a big empty text box field, you can customize the default text to include the structure of what you care most about.

To do this, use our Custom HTML feature and edit the text instead the <label> tags, <textarea> tags, and you can also insert additional text at the top or bottom of the form if you'd like. An example:

Option 2. Replace our Contact Form with your own externally hosted one.

If this is what you would like to do, you can disable our contact form and replace it with your own by updating your Layout so that the contact form button points to your own contact form's URL.