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Troubleshooting not seeing your internal articles

With our Article Visibility feature, you can specify that some of your articles are only visible to users who have logged in first:

(If you prefer for all of your articles to be private / internal-only, then changing your Site-level visibility would be a better option to use instead)

Sometimes when customers use Article-level Visibility to set one or more articles to Internal, they are confused why they cannot see their articles on their knowledge base, even though they are logged in.

The answer to this is that there is a separate "HelpSite Login" link that you must follow from your public knowledge base so that you login from the specific URL of your help site, rather than simply on You can find that "HelpSite Login" link in the bottom right of the footer of your knowledge base. Once you login this second way, you should have no trouble viewing the Internal articles.

If you have any trouble still, please get in touch.