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Setting up an SSL on your help site

HelpSite offers SSL/TLS (HTTPS) hosting for your help site! It's very easy to get started...

When using subdomain of ours (e.g., HTTPS is supported automatically with no setup needed. It is available on all plans, including Free.

When using a custom domain (e.g., once your CNAME DNS record is setup, simply email us so we can get it enabled. Note: custom domain SSL requires that you be on a paid plan. There's no need to upload your own SSL certificate. We'll setup a certificate on your behalf and then no further setup will be required on your side as long as the CNAME record and paid account is already in place.

Note: Creating a private knowledge base site always requires SSL to be setup first. That can be done with either of the options above.

Custom Domain SSL DNS Requirements

If you're on a Gold HelpSite plan and would like to get Custom Domain + SSL setup, most of the time you simply need to setup the CNAME record and email us, as mentioned above.

However if you also use CAA records in your DNS, then you will need to ensure that it's setup to support LetsEncrypt, which we use to issue the certificate for your custom domain. If you don't use CAA records (most websites don't) then you don't need to worry about this part.