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User Permissions & Roles

Paid HelpSite accounts can invite additional user accounts so multiple team members can collaborate on a help site, or so you can invite users to have read-only access to view a private knowledge base. Admins can choose what each invited user has access to in your organization's account, by assigning a Role.

Default User Roles

All of our paid HelpSite plans can invite additional users and assign them to one of 3 default roles, which are defined as follows:

These 3 default roles are available to HelpSite accounts on any paid plan.

To add or manage users in your account, click your name in the top right and then "Manage Team":

Custom Roles

Custom Roles allow you to define per-site permissions, which is useful if you have multiple sites.

For example, Custom Roles allow you to give Read Only access to a specific private site to one set of users, give a different set of users Read Only access to a different private site, and give a third set of users Content Editor access to one of the sites.

[Contact us if you're interested in having this feature added to your account]

To get started, create a new Role:

Then you can assign your custom role to a new or existing user:

Get in touch if you have any trouble or questions.