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How can I create more than one help site?

You can create as many sites you'd like (within reason) all managed under the same account, for free. Each site has its own articles, categories, URL, and layout. The search box on each site returns only articles from that specific site.

If you have a paid account, your paid account benefits apply to all the accounts you create. For example, if you're paying for our Gold plan, you can create additional knowledge base sites with customized HTML and SSL at no extra charge. 

Team members that you invite will have access to (with the same role) all of the help sites setup under your account. Admins and Content Editors can easily manage different help sites from the same admin dashboard.

Each help site in your account can have different visibility permissions – for example you can create one site that is private and another that is public.

To create an additional FAQ Site, just use the dropdown in the top toolbar and choose "Manage Sites". From there you'll see a "New Site" button.