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Do you have an API?

Yes! We do have a REST API for developers to programmatically interact with HelpSite.

If you plan to use our API, please get in touch, letting us know what use case(s) you have in mind. Currently our REST API has a limited set of endpoints available, however we will expand the API with additional features over time so please get in touch if you need more.

How to get started with our REST API

API Documentation:

Generate an API Key (for each Site that you want to interact with programmatically) from your HelpSite dashboard > Customize > API.

Questions, issues, or API feature requests? Email

API Alternatives

Note: If you simply want a way to programmatically authenticate your own application's users to view your private knowledge base, no REST API is needed, and instead please check out our JWT feature: Private site authentication with JWT for SSO

You might also be interested in automation around Contact Form submissions, such as: Workflow automation of contact form submissions